Relationship dissatisfaction builds slowly and unnoticed over a number of years before it comes into full view; some of the signs are:    


• you begin to run out of things to talk about

• you begin to argue more, but cannot resolve issues

• you begin to have sex less often and with less passion

• one of you seems always to be looking at a screen, or working

• one or both of you seems frustrated and angry

• you find each other's company irritating and tiring


If in relationship, you may or may not have tried one or more strategies to bring satisfaction into your relationship. Perhaps couples therapy. Or "time-outsto prevent conflict escalation. Perhaps you have tried making space for romantic "date nights" and device-free quality together timePerhaps these remedies appear not really to be the answer, or to be only a partial answer.


If wanting to get into a relationship, you may have tried a dating coach.


For some people looking for more satisfaction in relationship, couples therapy and dating coaching can work best after you have begun individual therapy.


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