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My clients are predominantly men between 30 and 60, who make it look good on the outside, yet feel unfulfilled in relationships with lover, family, friends, or in the workplace. Relationship dissatisfaction often comes with concerns about overdoing something (drinking, working, internet), or a generalized anxiety, perfectionism, or people-pleasing. 


The good news is therapy works: you can find your place in the sun and the life and relationships you want. 


I am a highly interactive therapist. I know when to bring in humor—and when to go to the dark places with you. Together we will look at how you came to be feeling unfulfilled. Through identifying your beliefs, attitudes and needs around relationships and intimacy, we will find the key to unlocking your wellbeing.


Our investigation will reveal what skills and strengths I must help you acquire and practice: it may be a certain way of communicating, or recognizing and adjusting to triggers, or expanding your ability to tolerate ambiguity or imperfection.  


Discovering and practicing these things is not always easy, but inevitably points to the way forward. In therapy you develop new capacities. You will become less uncomfortable, and then more comfortable in your interactions with others. You will make better choices and feel happier about making them. You will find you do not, now, need your distractions of working too hard, or drinking too much.


Through therapy you find within you the power to make things better for yourself, increasing your sense of freedom, choice, wellbeing and positive experience in relationships of all kinds. My  approach recognizes that when you change it impacts those around you, and part of our work centers on helping them change to accommodate the new you. If you are in a relationship, you will make things better not only for yourself but also for your intimate partner. If you are looking for a lover, you are now clearer about who you are and what you are looking for—and more likely to find the right person. 



Thank you for reading; for more information, please check out my blog posts, including How to choose a therapistAnd please contact me with any questions, to schedule an initial session (the initial session is charged only if we have decided we will continue working together—please see Fees), or to suggest a topic for a blog post. 

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