Continuity of care when traveling: teletherapy

People travel now much more than ever before. If you are a client in therapy you want to maintain progress and momentum. And, as a therapist, I want to provide continuity of care. When a face to face session is not possible the answer is provided by telemedicine.


I use the VSee platform which works both on a computer and on a phone or tablet.


Clients and therapists using a telemedicine platform should be aware of the limitations and constraints. In terms of felt effectiveness a teletherapy session may or may not be perceived as inferior to a face to face session. Any such differences experienced by the client may be processed in a subsequent face to face session; and this work may prove highly beneficial to clients interested in developing capacities in interpersonal relationships. In terms of privacy the VSee platform offers sophisticated encryption technology. It is however conceivable that a security breach could occur and I take pains to make my clients aware of this. 


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