How long will my therapy take?

Our development is lifelong. Often, hopefully mostly, we find it in ourselves to rise to life’s incremental, incidental challenges. And from time to time we seek the therapist’s assistance.


The purpose of therapy is not to need it. Some clients make good progress in 40, 30, 20 or fewer sessions, and some clients are best served by being in therapy for more than one year. Your progress in therapy and how long you will need therapy will be reviewed regularly between us. 


We will meet weekly for at least the first two months. If there is a situational need, we can meet more than once weekly.


No one wants to be in therapy indefinitely, and some clients make good progress quickly. When you feel significantly better, it’s understandable to want to talk about reducing session frequency, or pausing therapy, or, as a client once said to me: “ditch the training wings and fly on my own”. In these cases I encourage my clients to experiment with session frequency changes and flying on your own, while also assuring you that I remain here for you, and that “my door remains open”. 

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